Surgical Techniques

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What is it really like to be a physician or surgeon? In this course, students will investigate how the body works by participating in a range of hands-on activities, such as dissections and construction of life- sized physiological system maps (skeletal, nervous, circulatory, immune). Students will conduct simulated surgeries, perform biopsies, and learn how to suture. They will also learn about important medical and surgical breakthroughs and practice the type of problem-based learning taught in medical school.

Key Topics: Human Anatomy • Bodily Functions & Systems • Dissection

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Biopsy Simulation

Biopsy Simulation

Biopsy Simulation

Students conduct a model biopsy and lumpectomy and understand the criteria surgeons use to determine if they will perform a biopsy or lumpectomy on a patient.

Sheep Brain Dissection

Sheep Brain Dissection

SHeep Brain Dissection

Students dissect a sheep brain to observe the various lobes, grey & white matter, optic chasm and cerebellum and other anatomical structures. Students practice sagittal, axial and traverse cuts.

Final Patient

Final Patient

Final Patient

Students are presented with a hypothetical patient who has endured a traumatic accident and are called to diagnose and treat their patient based on the knowledge and experience they have obtained.

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