Building an Interactive Friendly Monster

'The possibilities are endless. You are not limited in how you can put your skills to the test.'

Course Description

In this course, students will learn fundamentals of electronics and programming as they create their own interactive stuffed animal. Using a small computer called a LilyPad Arduino, conductive thread, and some simple programming, students combine sewing and circuitry in the form of a friendly monster that can light up, make noise, and respond to touch. No prior knowledge of programming or working with electronics is required.

Key Topics: Arduino Programming • Design • Electrical Engineering & Circuitry

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Course Highlights

The LilyPad Arduino

The LilyPad Arduino

The LilyPad Arduino

Students practice hooking up their Lilypad to the computer and program their LED to blink using Arduino software. Students observe how a change in code can alter the output of their hardware. 

Experiment with LED Patterns

Experiment with LED Patterns

Experiment with LED Patterns

Students program their LEDs to blink patterns including a heartbeat or candle. Students experiment with time frames and copy their digitalWrite and delay statements many times to achieve the desired effect.

Design Your Monster

Design Your Monster

Design Your Monster

Students cut out their monsters from felt and sketch out where their LED and Lilypad will go. Students will then use conductive thread to stitch the hardware in the felt and complete their monsters. 

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