What is STEM Week?


STEM Week is an immersive program that transforms middle schools across the country into STEM learning labs. During STEM Week, regularly scheduled course periods are replaced by hands-on curriculum developed by MIT and a number of other leading STEM organizations. Over the five days, teachers and students work in teams to solve real-world problems in a classroom where hands-on experimentation, critical thinking, and collaboration are encouraged and used as teaching techniques to engage and inspire students.


STEM Week runs annually across Boston and Newark, and individually in schools around the country.

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A Complete STEM Program

i2 Learning has partnered with over 20 of the world’s leading STEM organizations to develop 60 unique hands-on STEM courses. All courses are 20-25 hours of hands-on, project-based curriculum, designed to be taught over the course of a week. The courses can be run for students of all abilities and backgrounds in grades 4–8 and all curriculum maps to the Next Generation Science Standards.

i2 Learning provides face-to-face training for all i2 courses. Because the curriculum is designed to integrate multiple subject areas (including disciplines beyond STEM, such as English language arts and history) i2’s professional development workshops are designed to include teachers from all fields.


During the i2 professional development, teachers assume the role of learners and experience the same activities and pedagogical strategies they will later implement with their students during the school day. Ideally, the workshops run over two consecutive days, though it can be broken out into four half day sessions over a longer period of time if necessary. The first half of the first day of training is focused on project-based learning. The remainder of the time is spent on the specific activities that will be implemented in the course. All materials and supplies necessary for the workshops are provided by i2.

i2 Learning provides complete course kits containing all materials needed to run each of the courses. Some courses have technology requirements such as laptops and internet access that i2 does not provide and these requirements are discussed with schools before choosing an appropriate program. Teacher and student guides are available for each course, with some course booklets available in Spanish.

i2 Online provides educators a platform with access to curriculum, activities, worksheets, tutorial videos, a finished product gallery, and a variety of “just-in-time” support tools. Through i2 Online, teachers can share their experiences with other teachers and give and get support during course preparation and while class is in session. Teachers also have access to curriculum trainers through interactive webinars and email.


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