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STEM Week requires participating schools to modify their scheduling to offer the immersive, hands-on courses from June 3 - 10 (no STEM Week courses on June 4). Below are some key points to think about relating to your schedule for STEM Week:
  • You will need a minimum of 4 hours per day devoted to the activities in the STEM week course and ideally would devote up to 5 hours each day. This will leave time for lunch, recess, PE and any other elective that the school feels should not be missed that week.
  • The same classroom should be used for each section of a course for the full week. This way students can leave projects out. This also means the classroom would not be available for electives or other use during that week.
  • Reserve a minimum of 1 hour for the end of program Showcase presentation that will allow students to share their work with visitors from the school community.