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In this course, students will use Scratch to create an original video game with custom graphics, sound effects and music. Students will begin by remixing an existing game, gradually gaining design skills and confidence. When they are ready to develop a whole new game, students will learn how to focus their ideas, integrate player feedback and refine their 2D games before sharing them with the world. No prior computer programming experience is required.

Key Topics: Block Programming • Functions • Variables • Player Instructions

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Course Highlights

Scratch Orientation

Scratch Orientation

Scratch Orientation

Students discover block programming using Scratch.  They combine blocks into functional scripts to understand programming logic and the iterative process involved in game development.

Sound Effects and Music

Sound Effects and Music

Sound Effects and Music

Students add sound effects and music to their games to make their prototypes come to life. Sound bits can be found on the Scratch Sound library or students can record their own sound effects. 

Game Instructions

Game Instructions

Game Instructions

Students finalize their games and compose, refine, and add player instructions to their games. Classmates are then asked to play each other’s games and provide constructive feedback. 

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