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Using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology, in this course students learn how to build different robots and program them to move. Students work with motors and sensors, and explore how light, touch, sound, ultrasonic, color and accelerometer sensors can enhance our robots. Students model real-life mechanisms and use creativity, logic and problem-solving skills. Inventing their own robots, students will find out how exciting it can be to bring the digital world of computers into our physical world.

Key Topics: Block Programming • Sensors • Simple Machines • Problem-Solving

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Course Highlights

Navigating the Line

Navigating the Line

Navigating the Line

Students explore various sensors and mechanical topics, such as simple machines, gears, levers and rotational and linear motion. They apply their knowledge to program a robot to follow a line using light sensors.

Mountain Climber Bot

Mountain Climber Bot

Mountain Climber Bot

Students design and test robots designed to traverse a steep incline. They are challenged to build a strong gear system to power the robots up a hill. 

Sumo Bots

Sumo Bots

Sumo Bots

In the culminating activity for the course, students build and program  robots to be “sumobots.” The final activity is a sumo challenge where the goal is for one robot to push another out of a 24″ ring.

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