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i2 programs are designed to be flexible with minimal school requirements

    Children grades 4-8
  • TIME
    One or more weeks dedicated solely to a STEM immersion (20-25 hours of available program time over the course of a week). These could take the form of an immersion week during the school year or a summer or break program.
    Teachers who are excited to learn new curriculum, teach new courses, and are open to hands-on, project-based learning.
    Suitable classrooms or workspaces (some courses have specific technology and/or lab requirements).
    Choose from our curated library of courses, including Engineering Prosthetic Devices; Surgical Techniques; Outbreak Alert: Pandemic Response; Robotics; Vertical Farming; Digital Game Design; Science of Sound, Music & Motion; and Physics of Photography. For a full listing of our courses, visit our Offerings page.
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Provide individual scholarships and financial aid

Many of our most engaged students have been able to attend our programs with the assistance of financial aid. i2 provides financial scholarships to 20% of the children in our summer programs. With outside funding, we can expand our scholarship offerings to a greater percentage of the local population. Last year, through a generous grant from the Boston Foundation, 50% of the children at our Roxbury Latin location were provided scholarships. The grant opened our program to a part of the Boston community that would not have otherwise had the opportunity to attend any summer enrichment program.


Contact us below to learn how you can sponsor students to receive financial aid.

Support an immersion week during the school year

Starting in 2014, i2 ran several week-long STEM immersion programs at The Chapin School in New York. In response to the success of these programs, we have expanded our school year offerings to run in middle schools throughout the country. With a small upfront investment we provide all materials, supplies, teacher training and support to create a sustainable program that can continue for years to come.


Contact us below to learn how you can support or run an immersion program during the school year.

Support a summer, spring or winter break program

In addition to in-school programs, i2 offers week-long immersion programs during summer, spring and winter breaks. Beginning in 2014, i2 ran these programs during March break at Roxbury Latin in Boston and Collegiate School in New York and during the summer at the Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester. We have since expanded the program to schools around the country. Feedback from students, teachers, parents and the schools have been overwhelmingly positive for these programs, and we’re excited to continue expanding their reach.


Contact us below to learn how you can support a week-long immersion program during a school break.

Support professional development for teachers

For the last two years, i2 has brought together over 200 teachers from around the world for a weekend of intensive course training at our annual professional development conference. All training is led by educators who had developed the curriculum themselves or had taught the course previously. This training prepares teachers to teach i2 courses, and many teachers report that the trainings also have had an immediate impact in their usual classrooms.  In addition to this large training event, i2 has run smaller, tailored programs at hosting schools. We are now expanding our training to include teachers who do not work at our summer programs or host schools so that they can bring some of what we do to more children in their schools. Professional development support can be provided for a single teacher or group of teachers in a single school, or many teachers in an entire school district or town.


Contact us below to learn how you can support programs to train teachers.

Support a city or district

We look to impact entire school districts by offering a an extensive package of teacher training for up to 100 teachers, a four-week summer enrichment program for up to 640 children, and ongoing in-school programming for up to 50 schools. These programs are all coordinated to have the greatest impact on the children and community and are designed to be sustainable for years to come. Programs can be adjusted to size or particular needs of each city.


Contact us below to learn how you can support a city or school district.

We seek support from foundations, corporations and individuals to help us achieve our mission of inspiring children in the fields of STEM.  Supporters can provide funding for courses to be run in schools, scholarships for children to attend our existing summer programs, setting up new summer programs, professional development for STEM teachers or STEM education in the developing world.

To support a program, the development of a course, individual scholarships for out of school programming or professional development for teachers:

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