Building a Lunar Colony | Photos & Videos

Day 1


Engineering Challenge Warm-Up

What Would It Be Like?

Plants on the Moon

How Do We Know?

Day 2

Water on the Moon

Model Earth and Moon

Model Rockets

Fast Plants Observation

Day 3

Lunar Fact or Fiction

The Dark Side of the Moon

Gravity on the Earth and Moon

Pros and Cons

Astronuat Training

Fast Plants Observation

Day 4 

Atmosphere on the Moon

Temperature on the Moon

Light on the Moon

Lunar Colony Criteria and Constraints

Fast Plants Observation

Day 5

Building a Lunar Colony

Fast Plants Observation

Improve Your Lunar Colony

Showcase Preparation


Additional Activities

Robot Hand Design

Table Tennis Ball Challenge


On-Target Crash Landing

Engineering a Rover

Controlling a Rover

Lunar Lander

Water Distillation

Course Constitution

Space Quotes