Based on the success of Massachusetts STEM Week 2018, the i2 program has expanded and is now available to all middle schools in Massachusetts in 2019.

Through the generous support of a number of Massachusetts-based STEM corporations and foundations, the program is offered at no cost to schools or districts. Registration is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Transform Your Classrooms

5 Full Days of Curriculum | 4-5 Hours Per Day

i2 Learning has partnered with over 20 of the world’s leading STEM organizations including MIT and the Museum of Science, Boston to develop immersive, project-based STEM curriculum designed to engage and inspire students in STEM and STEM related fields. During STEM Week, classrooms are transformed into STEM learning labs where i2 courses replace regularly scheduled classes for a full week. Courses are suitable for students of all abilities and backgrounds, and all curriculum maps to the Massachusetts and Next Generation Science Standards.

All curriculum and additional materials necessary to run an i2 STEM Week course are provided by i2 at no cost to the school.

Train Your Teachers

Over 99% of teachers rated i2 professional development as good or very good

As part of the STEM week program, i2 provides professional development for middle school teachers to be prepared to lead STEM week courses in their classrooms. Because the curriculum is designed to integrate multiple subject areas (including disciplines beyond STEM, such as English Language Arts and History) i2’s Professional Development workshops are designed to include teachers from all fields of study.

Professional Development workshops are held over 2 days and will be run at various times in different locations throughout the summer. The workshop schedule for summer 2019 will be published this spring. All workshops are available at no cost to all participating school teachers across the state on a first come, first served basis.

Teachers who attend a workshop, lead an i2 course during STEM Week and complete a short online survey about the experience are eligible for a $500 stipend at the end of STEM Week.


Inspire Your Students

Percentage of teachers who reported that during STEM Week their students:

Showed persistence with difficult tasks

78% Engaged in critical thinking

80% Collaborated effectively with peers to design solutions

85% Were engaged in their learning

89% Learned new skills

90% Demonstrated creativity

Over 90% of students reported they were glad their school participated in STEM Week

New school registration for i2 Learning’s Mass STEM Week 2019 programs is now closed. Please contact us if you would like to discuss 2020 programs.